Where Is Heaven

The Bible says, contrary to popular opinion, that most of us will be denied a heavenly eternity. Unless (even believers) acknowledge that truth, they set in motion a self-fulfilling prophecy of darkness. The path to the kingdom is not a secret, but to far too many, it is unknown. Available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Crucified with Christ

In Illuminated Beyond the Cross, the author lovingly reveals being crucified with Christ, being freed from sin and living a sanctified life that brings freedom – all by way of the Cross.

Title: Illuminated Beyond the Cross
By: David Hess
ISBN# 978-1986519595
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Illuminated Beyond the Cross by David Hess offers a redemptive look of the Cross and the Crucifixion through a journey into God’s Word and key Scripture. Sanctification and Romans 6:6 illuminates the power of the Cross by way of the new man. 

Exposing deception, darkness and sin held within, Hess offers Biblical keys to walking in the power and forgiveness by way of the Cross. Presenting the grace that is present in the New Testament, beyond the Cross, coupled with a series of revelations recorded in the book obtained from poignant questions the author asked the Lord, He delivers answers. These answers correlate with Scripture and Christians indeed will find them intriguing. A further study of Scripture reveals the Law, which all could not keep. 

Sharing a powerful message to all those who would believe Christ’s message of the amazing grace of a new life in Christ marked by a pure heart, repentance from sin, the author offers a powerful and practical guide to living in the victory of Christ.

Displaying the mystery of the Cross, a new meaning of freedom from guilt and shame come to light in this invigorating and deeply insightful read. Stating that what has been hidden for centuries, is now available to all who would open their hearts and choose to see with eyes of understanding.

With such chapters as: Seeking & Searching, Beyond the Cross, A Word from God, Wisdom of Revelation, The Cross illuminated, Crucifixion, Sanctification, In Christ Illuminated, Creation Illuminated, John 17 Illuminated, The Law Illuminated Summary, the author lovingly reveals being crucified with Christ, being freed from sin and living a sanctified life that brings freedom – all by way of the Cross.

Further, declaring a revlatory theme for 2018 as many being set free from bondages, the author offers a journey and guide to teach others what the Cross means to them in their everyday lives. Stating that the year 2018 is when the Church will receive back the power and glory, inspiring all to go beyond the Cross into the God’s destiny as the triumphant Church.

This book comes highly recommended relating powerful keys for the Church to grasp in order to walk in full victory. You may get your copy of Illuminated Beyond the Cross at Amazon and as a download in Kindle.

The Heavens, The Earth, Visible and Invisible

Basing his book on Jesus’ supreme rule over all creation, and basing his book on Colossians 1:15-17, “He (Jesus Christ) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on the earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions, or rulers, or authorities – all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.”  Shedding light into the nature of the Universe and the sovereignty of God.

International Orality Network / Living Water International

By Jerry Wiles, North America Regional Director of International Orality Network, President Emeritus of Living Water International, Special to ASSIST News Service
HOUSTON, TX (ANS – February 6, 2018) -- A little more than 25 years ago I got to know a service station attendant and shared the Gospel with him. In one of my follow-up conversations with him shortly after he received Christ, he told me about someone giving him a Bible a few years earlier. However, he had never read it, but began reading it and started sharing the Gospel with others. Over the next few weeks he led several co-workers, customers and family members to the Lord.
Sometimes when we think about the Great Commission of communicating the Gospel and Making Disciples, it’s easy to perceive it as something more complicated than it really is. For example, the term discipleship, which is actually less than 200 years old, has its origin in the North American cultural context. Over the years I have asked people to define what they mean by “discipleship.” The response I have often received is related to a curriculum, a class or some kind of program. One man, who was involved with what he would label as a discipleship ministry, once told me that from his experience it takes about seven years to make a disciple.
In regard to the distinction between the modern Western understanding of discipleship and disciple making, an important question to ask would be, What did Jesus mean when He said to make disciples of all nations (people groups)? And, what did He mean when He said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”
I am aware of the fact that many who use the term discipleship do have a biblical frame of reference. However, in many cases people are relating to a modern church or denominational tradition, rather than a non-Western, Early Church, biblical, global and cross-cultural perspective.
Simplicity and reproducibility are so important for us to get our minds around, if we are to be fruitful and productive as disciple makers and having a multiplying effect. One of my former pastors used to say that we should focus on “loving people, and telling them the truth.” And, my current pastor, Dr. Jerry Edmonson, of The Fellowship in Katy, Texasm reminds us often to “live our faith, and share our life.” These are simple, but powerful truths that anyone can engage in on a regular basis.
In the early 1970s, during what is often referred to as the Asbury Revival, or the Jesus Movement, I was a college student just fresh out of the Air Force. Like many during that season of Spiritual Awakening on college and university campuses around the country, I encountered the Lord in a fresh and life changing way. I began sharing the Gospel and seeing many come to the Lord.
It has been encouraging over the years to reconnect with many who have grown spiritually, and some have become involved as pastors and various ministries. While I would not have thought of what I was doing at the time, I was actually engaged in disciple making. However, it was more of a natural and spontaneous strategy. I did not have a predetermined plan. It was really a demonstration of the unlimited and creative capacity of the Holy Spirit to work through ordinary followers of Jesus to both communicate the Gospel and encourage others on their journey with the Lord.
I am not suggesting that plans, goals, objectives, measurements and benchmarks are not important. They are valuable for organizations, churches as well as individuals. However, God often has different, sometimes bigger, and always better plans and strategies than we do, as we trust and obey Him.
It was another transformational season in my own life back in the 1980s when I was first exposed to the concepts of Orality and Oral methods for ministry and missions. I became more aware of the power of the spoken Word and the value of communal and relational outreach and ministry. Simply talking with people in everyday situations and bringing Jesus into those conversations can result in life changing encounters. The Holy Spirit specializes in saving lives and changing destinies, and He delights in using each of us.
Over the years we’ve received feedback from those who have participated in Orality Training Workshops, and immediately began to tell biblical stories and see others come to Christ. It’s evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. In many Oral Cultures, it’s a major challenge to track and report the work of God. However, as we faithfully sow the seed of the Word of God and trust Him for the results, we can have confidence that when His Word takes root in fertile, receptive hearts it will produce 30, 60 or 100 times what is sown.
It may seem too easy and too good to be true, but asking questions, listening and telling stories can be instrumental in changing the eternal destinies of those we encounter in everyday life. Then as we live and walk with those who respond to the Gospel, many will grow and mature in their relationship with the Lord and become reproducing followers of Jesus. Of course, connecting new followers into a local church, a small group or a community of Christ followers in very important.
Those of us who have had the privilege of traveling, working and ministering in the most remote and primitive parts of the world become keenly aware that our modern Western or American ways of communicating are not very effective. However, telling stories, asking questions and having conversations (sometime through a translator), especially in a group setting can have significant impact. In fact, what we learn in those primary Oral Cultures about communicating the Gospel and making disciples is more transferable to the modern Western World, than taking our methods to them.
Thankfully, as the Orality Movement is becoming more visible and gaining traction in the academic world, increasing numbers of seminaries and institutions of higher education are becoming interested in creating Orality Studies Programs. Actually, there are already many great programs available in a number of academic institutions around the world that relate to the Orality domain. Some are in areas such as the visual, preforming and relational arts, media, narrative communication, oral literature, oral traditions, and many more.
Keep an eye out for many more resources becoming available through the International Orality Networkwww.orality.net, the www.gacx.iowww.missonexus.org, and other alliances, networks and associations of ministry and mission organizations.
We are living in a time of great transformation and paradigm shifts, and wonderful opportunities for advancing the kingdom of God. Part of that change is a rediscovery of the ancient ways and simple kingdom principles that will eventually result of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord filling the earth as the waters cover the sea, according the prophecy of Habakkuk 2:14.
For more information on the Orality Movement; various resources, events and training opportunities, visit: www.orality.net or www.water.cc/orality.
Photo captions: 1) Service station attendant from the old days. 2) Cross-Cultural, Communal and Relational Impact. 3) African Lady Retelling a Story. 4) Power of Participatory Learning. 5) Impact of Multi-ethnic, Inter-generational Sharing. 6) Jerry Wiles.
About the writer: Jerry Wiles is North America Regional Director of International Orality Network, and President Emeritus of Living Water International. He can be contacted at by phone at +1 281.207.7800 or by e-mail at jerrywiles@water.cc
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Author Gerald Paul Kooyers

Title: Jesus’ Mysterious Space-Time Universe
By: Gerald Paul Kooyers
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Basing his book on Jesus’ supreme rule over all creation, and basing his book on Colossians 1:15-17, “He (Jesus Christ) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on the earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions, or rulers, or authorities – all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.”  Shedding light into the nature of the Universe and the sovereignty of God.

With such chapters as: Physical Creation Space-Time, Quantum Physics, Free Will-Basic You-Now, Entanglement, Eternity and citations, the author blends a unique insight into the realm of the Now, God, Eternity, His creation and man’s free will. This is an invigorating read for those who wonder, “How does God exist? Why Can’t we see God? What is eternity? Who Am I? And Where do I belong?

Incredibly insightful, the author gives explanation as to man, the Word, Jesus, the Universe and gives great understanding to scripture verses chosen and offers inspiration in the hope of Jesus. The author asks the same question as Pilate, “What is truth?” And therefore seeks to prove truth from the Bible, God’s love for humanity that offers an enjoyable book that comes highly recommended as a significantly intelligent, yet Biblical-based read.

Highly recommended for those who like to analyze, believe in Jesus and understand our Universe, time and God’s omnipotent rule.

You may get your copy of Jesus’ Mysterious Space-Time Universe at Amazon, in Kindle as a download or at other fine online bookstores.

What Time Is It In Your Life

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The Splitting Of The Adam

God's Grace In Action

Are you interested in serving in other nations? If so, here is a book that you will want to read. It is an amazing book about an amazing life serving in the harvest field. 

Diamonds in the dust reflects the wonderful redeeming and passionate love of God that tirelessly looks for the lost and broken, regardless of sins, class, race and socio-economic structure. ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

Diamonds in the Dust: The Story of a Compassionate Woman in Northeast India by Steven Ritland and Sentikumla Ao reflects the missionary work of Sentikumla Ao. Mrs. Ao's grandfather worked with the famous Rev. Edwin Clark, whose missionary work in the early 1900's to the Nagas created the only state in India where Christians form 90% of the population. Her biography presents her work that continued his work and was God’s call on her life. Revealing God’s love for the unwanted, the broken and the addicts in the farthest remote region of India – a separate state known as Nagaland. Sentikumla's ministry focuses on rehabilitating victims of drugs, alcohol and HIV/AIDS, overflowing from Nagaland into the neighboring state of India, Assam. By God’s grace in action and the “unrelenting” love of God, this book reveals a completely surrendered life of serving God selflessly.

Reflecting the heart of God, seeking the lost and those outcasts the world rejects, this book is a tribute to God, to missionary work and to those who completely yield their life to whole-heartedly serving the Lord – no matter the cost. You will see in this biography the Word of God come to life. Make no mistake, there is sacrifice and pain, but the joy, the peace, and the rewards outweigh all that are available on Earth.  If you are thinking about living a transformed life or missionary work, this is a book that portrays the grace of God in such a unique way. Sharing her life story, the missionary, Sentikumla and Steven Ritland have put together this book along with photos that will certainly make an impact on one’s life.

As one Spirit and faith-filled believer, this mighty woman and missionary is used by God as the hands and feet of Jesus. Through her work, caring for the poor addicts, much fruit has been borne and God is revealed, displaying that He can work mightily through one person that is dedicated completely to Him. This is an inspirational work that shows just how far God’s love can reach, that His arm is never too short, and it is only pure joy to yield to God, as this one missionary has. Her ministry has produced much fruit within the community, churches and governments. The tide has changed in the way drug addicts are now treated (in some parts of India) and they now have hope and a place to go.

If you would like to get involved with the support of these programs for the youth, her contact information is provided. Her ministry is a worthwhile ministry, “. . . saving that which is lost.” AMAZING!

Book Title: Diamonds in the Dust: 
The Story of a Compassionate Woman in Northeast India
By Authors: Steven Ritland and Sentikumla Ao
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

 Available at Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores.

Looking To God

This book comes highly recommended for those that need help and encouragement in processing abuse, giving them a foundation in the Lord, and helps lead them into recovery by offering hope through Jesus Christ. ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews - 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Breaking the Silence by Diamante Lavendar is a touching fictional memoir written through a series of diary entries by the main character of the book, Joan Eastman. The character has bought the diary to journal her second pregnancy. Beginning with a poem written by the author, the poem sheds light on the beauty of the Lord’s keeping of you in your life and the fleeting temporal world that we live in, giving all hope for the future available in the Lord. Her book continues with fading in-and-out of memories and glimpses of the characters life, revealing horror of young innocence that was stolen and abused, Eastman’s memories of child abuse portray abuse that began at two-years-old and continued for many years. Encouraging all to not internalize abuse, the author speaks out to inspire others to break the cycle of silence that victims of abuse often endure in their suffering.

As the book transcends into the depths of child abuse and the wounding, the author reflects these journeys with life-lessons learned that reveal an overcoming spirit. She reveals how the Lord was there at every “winding road” that helps readers understand such issues as: anger, emotional and sexual abuse, the damage of stuffing emotions, self-esteem, hatred, perfectionism, self reflection, and so much more that offers readers hope and faith in God, offering a realization that with help from Him, they can overcome all abuse and neglect in their lives.

Throughout the book, many different seasons are revealed in the character’s life, displaying just how God carried the character through all the dark times. A restoration of hope and a personal relationship in the Lord  developed over the years in the character which sheds light on the fact that whether abused or not, all readers can relate to the different seasons of one’s life and look back upon their lives to see the hand of God active upon their life. This is the main theme of the book intertwined with breaking the silence of abuse that the author has creatively conveyed.

She also wants others to know that they are not alone. Encouraging all to look to God and that there is hope, healing and restoration in Jesus Christ. 

You may visit the author at Diamante Lavendar

Christian Fiction Author Ronald Winters - The Forum: A Deadly Game of Wheat and Tares

A wonderfully written must read by Ronald Winters. The Forum: A Deadly Game of Wheat and Tares offers a riveting fictional account of “real world end time events, current day attitudes and directions of the spirit of the times in which we live.”

A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Available at Amazon and in Kindle

Barak Zonman, starts off this fast-paced thriller, blending elements of espionage with a religious and political polarization that affect the masses of population around the World. In the book, there is a conspiracy to bring all faiths into one large interfaith religion and Barak Zonman and his popular TV show – The Forum must be eliminated.

This begins with Zonman, the show’s founder. The Forum “is a faith oriented call-in TV show designed to let viewers question leading members of the clergy.” Controversial in nature, this show sparks debate – and hinders the worldwide current of leading all into one faith and world peace. This novel of the wheat and tares is an amazing book written to those that would seek truth in God and the true Christian faith.

Running for his life, Barak finds sanctuary in a church and finds himself radically changed by a baptism by water, followed by a baptism of the Spirit, as evidenced by the speaking in tongues. Highlighting this issue, the author speaks of the controversy between believers on being “born again” (either by just statement and belief and/or by receiving the infilling of the Spirit, as evidenced by speaking in tongues). This radical way of being born again and receiving the Spirit is what Apostle Paul spoke of, thus, the book sheds light on God’s way versus man’s way. Man’s way and God’s way are running a collision course to the End Times in this book that reveal an exciting plot of scenarios begun by two Prologues that concurrently blend modern-day questions and events that has been spoken of in Bible Prophecy. The author also notes that we are in the time of the Olivet Discourse that Jesus speaks of on the Mount of Olives, mentioning the time of Jesus return as near since the birth of Israel in May 1948.

In the back of the book the author offers his personal testimony, delivered instantly from prescription drug dependency when “he looked in the mirror” and repented of his ways. Holding fast to true repentance, the author advocates true Holy Ghost filled deliverances and that the modern-day believer should have them as a norm, instead of replaced by the Forum so to speak – the modern day church who compromises and duplicates the actual workings of the Holy Spirit by replacing them with good theology, programs and modern day mood alteration technology. He also offers observations on some relevant issues, two being backsliding and tithing.

The Forum: A Deadly Game of Wheat and Tares comes highly recommended for those that look to fill the void inside, but are not sure what they are looking for. And for those that enjoy thrillers with the elements of religious and political overtones. Recommended either for a personal read or as a tool to reach the unbeliever, the book highlights the End Times and gives a faith-filled read that speaks of the true evidence found in an all-powerful God. Based on Barak’s faith-filled experience, the book offers challenging questions to believers and to non-believers (the wheat and the tares) as to the times that we are living in and gives a warning to the group of believers that call themselves, the Church.